Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Alice for the iPad Shows Why E-Books Are Cool

Hi, we all love paper books. But you have to admit that e-books, can do the stuff that paper books cannot. Lewis Carroll's story of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland turned into a children's storybook but with an interactive twist.

This book is not meant to be read sitting still; it's meant to be shaken and stirred, forcing many interactive elements on the screen to move around, fall down or jump up. I bet kids will love it. My boys enjoyed this video.

Alice for the iPad is $9 in the App Store (there's also a free, lite version), but if you want a taste right now, check out the video below.


Hi everyone

Hope the school holidays were as brilliant for you as they were for my family.  Today being the first day back for my boys. :)

I saw this presentation, by Seth Godin.  It really got me thinking about people, ideas, leading and connecting with others.  Having a worthwhile cause and changing the status quo.  If any of this is of interest to you, I've provided the link for your convenience.


Have a super good day!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Tip 5 - Guidelines From Your Class Teacher

This is indeed very useful, without them it's like having a destination without a roadmap.  If unsure of your curriculum guidelines, they do tend to differ between States (although I understand that may be changing) ask your child's teacher; what is expected from your child? depending on age this will vary accordingly.  If you are unsure, have them go through it very clearly.  This way if your child comes home and they do not understand what they are meant to do, you will be able to guide and encourage.  Homework is meant to be fun, not a chore.  In our household, this point varies from day to day despite my best intentions.  If your child is not completing their set homework advise your child's teacher.  This may be through a 'communication book' you set up, that way any issues stay private within the classroom.  Share concerns, as there may be other reasons as to why this is happening.  It could require a little monitoring and tweaking as a result.  When children are tired it may be in their best interest to make this session a little shorter, or you may decide that it is best left for that night.  Being intuitive helps us all.

In Learning  :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Tip 4 - Exercise

Any form of exercise is great.  Children have been sitting in classrooms all day.  They need to unwind just like we do.  Let them play with their pet, or have a run in the park, ride their bikes.  As we move the oxygen and blood carrying food nutrients are moved to the muscles and the brain.  This effectively fuels the senses allowing them to think both easier and more clearly.  If my boys are restless and mucking around, I will ask them to take a little break, maybe help mummy with a job, and then go back to the table to finish off their task.  I've found they appear more focused and just get it done.  Always a good thing!

I'm always happy to receive other good ideas via a comment. :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bit Of A Catch Up ....

Middle of the first school term here in SA.  I don't know about you, but my boys school seems to get busier and busier each year.  My blog posts have taken a little bit of a battering as a result.

Yesterday was my first day back at uni.  Last year I took a year off, mainly due to my mum passing.  Looking at all the new faces, reminded me of how our children must feel when they go back to school after their big Christmas break.  An incredible mix of excitement and nervousness.  It was good to see a few familiar faces and to get the first chaotic day over with.  With all of the housekeeping taken care off, I can look forward to learning something new.

I'll keep ticking along!

Have a great day.

Tip 3 - Pick a Workspace

Hi there, some thoughts on a productive homework space.

An ideal study area ought to have loads of light, be fairly quiet, and be devoid of distractions to the best of your ability.  You don't require a dedicated area, the kitchen table will work if it is cleared, you have all the equipment that is required for your child to complete their homework; e.g. pencil, rubber, calculator, books and if your child wears glasses make sure they are at the work area.  That way they will be organised and 'good to go'.  :)  It is imperative that your child is comfortable.  For example - see that your little one can reach the table whilst sitting on the chair, don't laugh, I've seen that happen before.  That little one had to get a box to put under her feet, this way her tummy/belly button was level with the table.  Sitting comfortably and straight allows your child to be balanced and gives them the best chance of writing well.  To do this, we create good habits.  Like us, if they are not comfortable, their output will be down.

Let me know by way of a comment, what tricks and tips you have for your children.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tip - 2  Food Time

It's a great idea to make sure your child has had both a snack and a drink before commencing their homework. It is wise to avoid sugary things, as this can make it more difficult to concentrate.  Research suggests protein adjusts the sugar levels and provides clearer thinking processes.  If they get stuck on their homework, suggest they get up and get a drink of water.  This along with a bit of exercise can get the brain switched back on, and thinking becomes easier again.

In Learning

ps... if you have any good suggestions of snacks that your child has before homework, leave a comment and share with everyone else.  Cheers